Groove Bank: DOD Loops Now in Your iPhone & iPad

Drum Loop iPhone AppLike Drums On Demand on your PC, Groove Bank is a great app for songwriting inspiration, demo-making, guitar practice, jamming and more. The new iPhone/iPad app puts the best of Drums On Demand right in the palm of your hand. 

On the main screen you quickly scroll through by tempo and play hundreds of different loops. Click and that drum groove loops endlessly until you click again to stop or click to start another loop. You can use the find page to narrow your options by selecting style and time signature. You can even search specifically for shuffles, brushes and side-stick-based loops. With Groove Bank, you are always ready when inspiration strikes. It's like a muse in your pocket.

The loops in the app are made up of a "Master Loop" from every one of our Song Sets across all of our drum loop volumes we've produced over the last 10 years. The free app comes loaded with 100 drum loops. You can then unlock another 400 loops for only $1.99. Styles range from rock and pop, to country and R&B, to Jazz-Latin, Heavy Metal and Hip Hop. Tempos start at 58 BPM and go all the way up to 255 BPM. Some tempos have as many as six loops/styles to choose from.

There are all sorts of other apps out there with names like "Pocket Drums" and the like. But most are are basically toys. Groove Bank really is like having a session drummer in your pocket. With Groove Bank you can quickly access more than 400 drum beats played by state-of-the-art drummers with a radio-ready mix.

Vist the Groove Bank app store page and download the free app.