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If you have any suggestions or would like to report any issues with app, please click on the Contact Us button at the top of the page.

Not getting any sound?
Make sure the mute/do not disturb switch is off on the side of the device. iTunes (and some other apps) will work when this switch is on, but Groove Bank won't work unless you turn off the switch. Also, note that on iPads the side button can act as a lock rotation button or a mute button. So go into general settings and make sure it's set to auto rotate and not on mute.

Multiple devices?
If you purchased the Groove Bank upgrade on one iOS device (an iPhone for example) and want the full version on other iOS devices associated with the same iTunes account (an iPad), then download the free version on the second (or third) device, then tap "Upgrade" and then tap "Restore" on the new device. This will unlock the full version of Groove Bank.

Loop Stops in AutoLock?
Right now the app does not override the auto lock setting on your phone. We hope to change this soon. For now you need to go into Settings/General/Auto Lock and change it to 5 mins or never.

The free version of Groove Bank comes loaded about 100 awesome drum grooves to write to, play and practice with and be inspired by. The $1.99 in-app purchase will unlock an additional 400 loops, giving you a total of more than 500 drum loops in pop, rock, country, hip hop, funk, R&B, and jazz, styles. All in the palm of your hand.

Main Screen: Scroll up and down grooves sorted by tempo. Additional information such as time signature and style are also displayed. Note that style is an approximation; there are many loops that can be applied to different styles.

Tap once to begin playing a drum loop for jamming, songwriting, rhythm metronome, etc. Tap a second time to stop. Or tap on another loop to stop the current one and begin playing the new one.

Double tap to go to the more information screen. This screen provides an audio preview and details of where that particular drum loop came from among Drums On Demand's full product line of WAV, REX and Apple drum loops for PC-based and DAW recording software.

The search box at the top of the page can be used to search for any descriptive text in the loop name, BPM, etc. This can be used to find other descriptors such as "half time," "crazy," etc. And even Drums On Demand volume names.

Use the tempo numbers on the right side of the listing to jump quickly among tempos. You can just tap or click and hold, sliding your finger up and down as well.

The volume bar is there as some loops might be slightly louder or softer than others.

Find Screen: The selector box lets you target a group of loops by style and/or time signature. Tapping the go button takes you back to the Main Groove Bank Screen with available loops narrowed down by your parameters. Note again that style is an approximation; there are many loops that can be applied to different styles.


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