My Co-Writer 1: Ballads & Love Songs
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My Co-Writer 1: Ballads & Love Songs

My Co-Writer 1: Ballads & Love Songs

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Write a song with My Co-Writer_ backing tracks. Simply add your own lyrics and melody. Volume 1 features 17 song templates -- great foundations for your own song. It's like having a secret collaborator serving up hit songs for you to write the lyrics and melody to -- but you get all the credit. Plus, adding your own instrumentation or mix can make yours a totally unique production. My Co-Writer is a great tool for everyone from novice songwriters, to seasoned composers, to instrumentalists who need "live players" to jam with. Choose one of three different packages for three levels of skill and usability. 

- Music CD For Songwriters (1 CD)
- 24-Bit WAV file Data CDs (PC/Mac) For Recording Musicians (2 CDs)
- Multitrack DVDs For Engineers/Producers (2 or 3 DVDs)

HIGHLIGHTS: Immediate download of MP3s and PDF files while disc(s) are shipped  At least 12-16 song templates for you to finish (depending on volume)  Royalty-free license  Contemporary song structures and arrangements  Radio-quality, mix  Each template includes guitar, bass, piano and drum rhythm section and some overdubs  Live players -- no "fake" MIDI tracks  Popular Yamaha C7F Acoustic Grand Piano.  My Co-Writer Starter Guide for novice writers.  Chord charts and song section markers (on upgrades)  Optional Multitrack upgrades for studio mixing.  Live players -- no "fake" MIDI tracks.

Read about My Co-Writer's non-exclusive, royalty-free license here.