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Jazz Drum Sample Instrument

by Drums On Demand (Download) SALE
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Our jazz drum sample instrument includes both stick and brush samples on a vintage 4-piece '60s Gretsch kit -- a popular choice among the best players in jazz. 10 velocities left and right snare hits on a limited-edition, 75th anniversary Noble & Cooley snare (only 100 made):  stick snare, stick on open snare and brush snare kits. Toms are 8 x 12 and 14 x 14; kick is 14 x 20. Averages 6-9 velocities (L & R) on the rest of the drum set, cymbals, etc. Includes jazz_latin cowbell. Mapped on general midi drum map the sample pack is rounded out with bongo, conga, djembe hits and rolls, cymbal sus', as well as snare buzzes and rolls. Check out this kits' sister drum loop volume featuring jazz drum loopsMiking and other details here

Download Only. Price includes five software sampler formats: Reason Refill (NN-XT sampler), Logic ESX24, Kontakt 4.0 and above, Structure (Pro Tools) and Garageband Mac (not iPad). Watch our YouTube video tour.

Need some jazz midi grooves? Visit our partner Groove Monkee.

Note: This sample drum instrument does not include any "playing" or loops. This product is for those who prefer to program/play their own beats or can be used in conjunction with midi loops.

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